IGSS and D-SIMLAB Technologies’ partnership to enhance semicon wafer fab site performance

1 June 2020 – Launched in 2013, and based out of Singapore, Innovative Global Services and Solutions (IGSS) has been successfully delivering Plant Operation Optimisation and Fab/Foundry Transformation services to customers around the world. Led by a group of industry veterans, the team’s track record and key achievements in the areas of Operational Excellence surpasses traditional methodologies and concepts and are implemented as part of the company’s “Build-Operate-Manage-Transfer (BOMT)” approach.

D-SIMLAB Technologies Pte Ltd is a Singapore-headquartered provider of high-performance, simulation-based Business Analytics and Process Optimisation software solutions for Capacity Planning and Optimisation, WIP Management, Scheduling & Dispatching in Semiconductor Manufacturing, with an extensive track record achieved with multiple customers around the globe.

The founding team developed the underlying technology core at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) under the Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR), from where D-SIMLAB was spun out in 2007.

Together, IGSS and D-SIMLAB will be able to deliver one-stop services and software solutions to Semiconductor Manufacturers in Southeast Asia and worldwide on their way towards realising an Industry 4.0 driven vision, all the way from initial potential analysis, operations improvement projects, implementation of associated software solutions, and fab transformation services towards measurable and maintainable enhancement of KPIs such as cycle time, throughput and delivery performance.

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Kelvin Lim, Chief Operating Officer



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