Innovative Global Solutions and Services (IGSS) design and implement tailored programmes developed by our team of industry veterans experienced in pioneering semiconductor projects. As your “one-stop solutions” partner, we combine in-depth insights, international partner network and competitive cost structure for greenfield projects and existing sites looking to enhance facility performance. 


Deployed through the lens of Build-Operate-Manage-Transfer (BOMT), innovative future-ready programmes such as tool refurbishment, Industry 4.0 and automation, productivity and global standardisation, deliver operational excellence and commercial results for both national projects and multi-billion-dollar entities.

IGSS Differentiation

Integrated solutions and services for business sustainability


‘One-Stop Total Solutions’ in Operation Excellence

At IGSS, we understand that running fabs and foundries is a complex, high-stakes business, especially with a rapidly evolving marketplace influenced by IoT, Industry 4.0 and other global trends. Our team of change agents convert challenges into opportunities using proprietary 7-step methodology that pave the way for the design and implementation of operational strategies that help you achieve a high-performance facility.

With a focus in three specialised areas, your successes can potentially include elevating operations and grow a global footprint for traditional product factories,  and the equipping of emerging nations and multi-billion-dollar entities’  for a competitive advantage in an international marketplace. 

BOmT Fab Project

IGSS' Build-Operate-Manage-Transfer (BOMT) are tailor-made service solutions spanning complete life cycle of Greenfield Semiconductor Fab Projects for aspiring Semiconductor Nations and Multi-Billion-Dollar entities

IGSS Signature Initiative 

IGSS’ BOMT Differentiation

Leveraging our global network and decades of hands-on-experience to develop well-structured projects that:

Reduce the expected total investments with a competitive cost structure

Enable partnerships that offer lowest funding per similar capacity or larger capacity for the same funding

Implement best practices through lessons learnt with established wafer fabs  / foundries & design / product companies

Accelerate technical know-how and R&D through IGSS’ global technology partnerships

Driven by a Win-Win Partnership philosophy

We strive to establish strong and successful relationships in creating a robust semiconductor ecosystem that include regional authorities, government bodies, and strategic semiconductor players. 

Incorporating both Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) capabilities from JV partners and world-class plant and factory services, IGSS offers a strong consortium of partners capable of delivering the best-of-breed solution and services which fit our client objectives.

Building Construction, IT and Automation

Building Construction, IT and Automation
Our expansive ecosystem of partners across the building construction, IT, and automation industries are the backbone to successes including building of Asia-based cleanroom, an M&E company in China and strategic partnership with leading Korean fab builder of over 30 entities worldwide. Collaborations with IT infrastructure and automation providers enable the delivery of solutions spanning AMHS (Automatic Material Handling System), mobile robots, WIP management systems, MES, SPC (Statistical Process Control), quality enhancement systems, and ERPs.

Total Plant Operations & Engineering Solutions​​

Total Plant Operations & Engineering Solutions​​
Our solutions are designed to increase equipment uptime and factory efficiency, enabling plants to focus on production, while lowering cost. Through a wide range of service solutions (including tools refurbishment), we are committed to providing the most cost competitive service option to meet your specific equipment and technology requirements.

Technology Enablement & Collaboration​

Technology Enablement & Collaboration​
Our focus is to encourage more predictive operations in your plant through collaborations with global partners and IGSS technology companies. Our support teams will predict and prevent failures, extending our capabilities into an advanced technology – software, sensors and control mechanisms, bringing your plant operations to the next level.
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